CBC: Federal Government in exploratory talks to settle class action lawsuit over Veterans Affairs $165M accounting error

January 19, 2021

CBC reports on recent steps by the federal government to address an accounting error by Veterans Affairs Canada regarding the calculation of disability awards and pensions. The $165 million accounting error, affecting over 250,000 veterans, began in 2002 and continued undetected until 2010.

Read the full story:  Federal government looking to settle lawsuit over $165 million error in veterans benefits


La Cour fédérale approuve un règlement de 817 millions de dollars – Communiqué de presse, 29 avril 2024.

April 23, 2024

Lire le communiqué de presse: La Cour fédérale approuve un règlement de 817 millions de dollars.


Federal Court Approves $817 Million Settlement – Press Release, April 9, 2024

Read the Press Release: Federal Court Approves $817 Million Settlement in Class Proceeding involving Calculation of Disability Benefits for Disabled Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces and Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


Règlement proposé conclu dans le cadre du recours collectif pour erreur de calcul de la pension d’invalidité des anciens combattants

November 14, 2023

Lire le communiqué de presse : 13 novembre 2023 Proposition de transaction dans le cadre d’une procédure en vertu de la Loi sur les recours collectifs concernant le calcul des prestations d’invalidité pour les vétérans invalides des Forces armées canadiennes et de la Gendarmerie royale du Canada (newswire.ca)


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Miscalculation of Disability Pensions Class Action Settlement

If you are a member or former member of the Canadian Armed Forces or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police – or a spouse, common law partner, or dependent of a veteran – and you received, at any time between 2002 and the present, certain disability benefits from Veterans Affairs Canada, you may be a member of the class. Eligible estates of persons who received these disability benefits may also be class members.

You were not required to opt-in to the action in order to be a class member. Please visit the Settlement website for claim forms and important information about the settlement process.