Notice of Certification Published July 30, 2021

July 30, 2021

You can find the Notice of Certification and the Opt Out Form here: https://vetspensionerror.ca/court-documents/


Défense déposée le 30 juillet 2021

Le procureur général du Canada a déposé une défense dans ce recours collectif. Vous pouvez consulter le document et tous les documents judiciaires relatifs à cette affaire ici.


Statement of Defence filed July 30, 2021

The Attorney General of Canada has filed a statement of defence in this class action. You can view the document and all court documents in relation to this matter here.


Avis de certification publié le 30 juillet 2021

Vous pouvez trouver l’avis de certification et le formulaire de retrait ici:  https://vetspensionerror.ca/fr/documents-judiciaires/


Important Documents

Direction, May 2, 2022 icon-download
Statement of Defence, 30 July 2021 icon-download
Notice of Certification, 30 July 2021 icon-download
Opt Out Form icon-download
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If you are a member or former member of the Canadian Armed Forces or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police – or a spouse, common law partner, or dependant of a veteran – and you received, at any time between 2002 and the present, certain disability benefits from Veterans Affairs Canada, you may be a member of the class. Eligible estates of persons who received these disability benefits may also be class members.